A workshop brilliantly complements a regular Yoga practice. It allows digging deeper into a specific topic and one gains knowledge for which the time is often too short in a regular group class.

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Pranic Energy Healing L2

In this course you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results, because colored prana creates a more focused effect on the energy field and the chakras.

Pranic Energy Healing L1

Pranic energy healing is an ancient method of balancing the physical body, the personality, one’s life and environment. This method uses knowledge about the existence of the energy bodies, which surround and infuse the physical body with vital life force. This life force is contained within every aspect of life and may be directed from one person to another person, to an object, to plants, to one’s business or to anyone or anything that requires energetic support, harmonizing or strengthening. These improvements occur through the application of techniques and protocols that utilise chi energy or prana.

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Sa. 09.11.2019
Su. 10.11.2019

Alignment Basics - Standing Poses

Comparable to professional musicians practising their scales time and again, also we Yoga practitioners have to go back to the basics expanding our knowledge on how to align the body correctly in the Asana and understand the elements of the body and how they influence our daily life. Equally important is learning to feel each part of the body when practicing Yoga postures – from the grosser reality of the Asana to the subtler reality. Hence, invigorating every cell in the body to bring it to consciousness.

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Sa. 07.12.2019

Know your breath

To breathe means to live. Where there is no breath there is no life. The average person takes ca. 15 breaths per minute that makes ca. 21’600 breaths within 24 hours. But, how many of these breaths do we take consciously? If we start to focus more on our breath, we will see that our mind calms down. Because it is not possible to watch the flow of breath and at the

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Sa. 18.01.2020

The emotional body

In this workshop, through specific Asanas, we will learn to experience the emotional body. All of us “feel” various emotions differently in the physical body. When we ignore or bypass the messages, the emotional body reveals to us in the physical body. Thus, our emotions hold the key for our overall health!

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Sa. 08.02.2020


When the days start getting longer again in spring, our hormonal balance changes as well. The discharge of Endorphin, Testosterones and Oestrogens is increased. This strains the body; it reacts with fatigue. Different Yoga Asanas help to better wash toxins and waste products out of the cells. This stimulates the rebuilding of new cells and keeps us young and healthy.

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Sa. 14.03.2020

Alignment Basics - Inversions

In this workshop you learn important groundwork for head and shoulder stand. To not miss out on the beautiful effect of these two important poses, we also show you how to practice them therapeutically.

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Iyengar Yoga with Father Joe

Father Joe brings out the intelligence and spirituality of Iyengar Yoga that opens the spiritual heart. Father Joe Pereira teaches Yoga around the world and supports with the proceeds his non-government organisation «Kripa Founation». An organization combining over 70 centres all over India that treats people of all age groups – including children – addicted to drugs. An integral part during the detox program is the practice of Iyengar Yoga and meditation.

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Sa. 06.06.2020
Su. 07.06.2020

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